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CORN GLUTEN MEAL Download report Approx. Rs 658 / KG

Maize Gluten also known as corn gluten meal (CGM) is a by-product of maize (corn) processing. Gluten is prepared by centrifugation, filtering and drying of the slurry received from the primary and secondary stages of corn refining.

It has a high protein, high nutrient density, high energy ingredient consisting of insoluble protein in combination with minimal. Quantity of starch and fiber fractions. It has historically been used as an animal feed due to its high protein content, high nutrient density and high energy.

The appearance of the produce is Fine Yellow and it is available majorly in Powder form. The product has a huge demand in animal feed industry worldwide, mainly the poultry, aqua, pigs and cattle.



Corn Gluten Meal is used as poultry meal for Chickens, Broiler, Laying hens etc. as it is an highly digestible product with energy value of ME 4131K Cal/kg. It is a good source of Vitamins and Minerals, high in methionine and efficient source of Xanthophylls, which are valued for their skin and yoke pigmentation.


Corn Gluten is widely used for cattle. Because of complex digestive system cattle can thrive on feeds relatively rich in fiber content and are less demanding of the quality of protein feed.


Maize gluten should be kept in a closed container once removed from its original packing, should be stored in a dry, ventilated area, free from moisture and wet surfaces. Protect against physical damage and extreme heat. Isolate from incompatible substances.


Nutritional Values Quality #1 Quality #2
Protein 45% min 40% min
Moisture Less Than 10% Less Than 10%
Fibre Less Than 3% Less Than 3%
Sand Silica Less Than 1% Less Than 1%
Fat 2.50% 2.50%
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