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DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE Download report Approx. Rs 258 / KG

Quality and Customized DCP packages for your Poultry Feed

We import the top notch quality Dicalcium Phosphate Feed which enhances the poultry growth. DCP helps in development of bones in animals. Our supplies range at various quantities and we ensure that every supply of ours is packed with keen attention.We are successful all these years as we never compromise on anything in serving the customers. The quality, advanced processed DCP are reliable factors which is the reason for our enhanced client base all across the country. We always come up with reasonable prices for both Bone Base and rock base di calcium phosphate which are superior in quality. It is a known fact that DCP is mainly useful ingredient which helps in binding the animal feed. The immunity levels of the poultry animals has shown gradual increase by using the superior quality DCP. We make it sure that every batch that reaches at our godown is tested for quality and quantity, only then it is sent to the market. Flexibility and high quality are the factors which people admire us for. Based on the business requirement, our clients usually approach us and our experts will let you know the desired quantity of DCP they need to add per tonne of feed.

Contact us for further detail and you will be glad to avail offers and samples of quality DCP in less time.

Pure Meal:

  • No Blood Meal Added To It.
  • From Salmonella, E-coli, Clostridia, Stphyococci.


Items DCP 18 Powder DCP 18 Granular
Phosphorus(P)%min 18 18
Calcium (Ca) % min 21-25 21-25
Fluorine(F) % max 0.15 0.15
Arsenic (As) ppm max 10 10
Lead 15 15
Cadimium (CD) ppm max 10 10
H2O% max 2 2
Size (pass500um) % min 95 90