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GAUR MEAL CHURI Download report Approx. Rs 925 / KG

Our company is reckoned as one of the reliable suppliers of Guar Meal Churi in India. Guar Meal is the by-product obtained after guar gum is extracted from the guar seed (CyamopsisTetragonoloba) of Leguminous plant. Guar Meal Churi is a protein and carbohydrates rich animal feed obtained by refining. roasting and sterilizing Guar seeds, thus enhancing its nutritive value and digestibility. Processed in flour or powder form.our Guar Meal Churi is completely free from impurities. chemicals and preservatives. We specialize in catering to the bulk requirements of Guar Meal Churi with our highly efficient production capacity.

We are very much delighted to introduce ourselves to you all as one amongst the whole seller, distributor & exporter of De Oiled Bran, which arrives from Rice Bran with oil content, wherein after the oil is being extracted from the Rice Bran. De Oiled Rice Bran is procured in large quantities of loads at an affordable price through reliable reputed manufacturers/solvent plant millers throughout the country. We wish to submit that we can supply DORB up to the satisfactory level of the buyer/importers with excellent quality supplied at best competitive price.

DORB is supplied in five grades where in the 1st grade protein content will be 14-16%, 2nd grade will be nice having protein content 10%, 3rd grade meant as second nice with protein 9%, 4th grade un sieved with 7 to 8% protein and 5th grade is named as N0RRUCK or HULLER KONDA (this grade has no specifications and is sold at as it is where it is condition).


  • It is free from Salmonella, Aflatoxin & E. Coli , which often is an issue With cottonseed meal.
  • It is free flowing and therefore can be stored in silos easily
  • It is completely non-flammable
  • It contains minimum of 45% O & A ( Oil & Albuminoid )
  • It can be used as a BINDING AGENT for palletizing other feed compounds due to presence of residual gum
  • 100 % Non-GMO product


Parameter Specification
Appearance White Fine Powder
Moisture 6.00-7.00%
Ash 4.00-5.00%
Protein 38.00-43.00%
Fat 5.00-7.00%
Fibre 7.00%
Silica 0.00-1.50%