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RICE DDGS Download report Approx. Rs 11 / KG

DDGS is a co-product of the ethanol production process in which rice get used as raw material in order to produce ethanol. DDGS is an alternative feed ingredient that continues to be produced in large quantities by the dry-grind fuel Ethanol industry. The high energy & protein content in Rice DDGS makes it an attractive and smart substitute of expensive source of energy (corn) and protein (soybean meal) ingredients of animal feed.

When farmers add Rice DDGS in animal feed, the cost of feed manufactured reduces exponentially, thereby increasing the profitability of farms and animal feed industry.


Rice DDGS can be included in dairy cow diets up to 20 percent of the diet without decreasing dry matter intake, milk production, and percentage milk fat and protein. Adding 20 to 30 percent DDGS to a lactating cow diet also results in milk production being equal to, or greater than when diets containing no DDGS are fed.

Conservatively, DDGS can be added at 5 to 8 percent of starter diets for broilers and turkeys, and 12 to 15 percent of diets for layers and growing-finishing diets for broilers, ducks, and turkeys when diets are not formulated on a digestible amino acid basis, and achieve excellent performance and egg and meat quality.


Nutritional Values Rice DDGS Hipro #1 Rice DDGS Hipro #2
Protein 45% min 45% min
Moisture Less Than 10% Less Than 10%
Appearance Medium Brown Powder Medium Brown Powder
Fiber 4% - 7% 4% - 7%
Fat 3% - 5% 3% - 5%
Sand Silica Less Than 3% Less Than 3%
Packaging 50 kg PP bags 50 kg Jute Bags bags