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ROASTED GAUR MEAL Download report Approx. Rs 112 / KG

Roasted guar korma is an incredible product offering high protein and energy quotientwith a balanced amino acid profile. The product is slowly becoming the necessity of feed industry.

Guar Korma mainly constitutes germ part of Guar seed. It is a 100% natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals/preservatives, Non-GMO product. Guar Korma is further sterilized and processed by roasting to permanently remove trypsin inhibitor, anti-nutritive factor that limits the use of different leguminous meals in poultry diets. Roasting also indirectly enhances the protein and Amino acids digestibility in the product, which in effect results in increased productivity of livestock and poultry.

It is the best alternative for Soya Meal and other synthetic feeds available in the market.


Nutritional Values Quality #1 Quality #2
Protein 48-50% 55-60%
Metabolize Energy 2550 KCal/Kg 2700 KCal/Kg
Moisture Less Than 10% Less Than 10%
Fibre 6-8% 4-5%
Fat 5.00% 5.00%
Ash/Sand Silica Less Than 2% Less Than 1%
Pepsin Digestibility 85.00% 85.00%
Trypsin Inhibitor Less Than 1 Less Than 1
Aflatoxins Less than 20 PPB Less than 20 PPB